Goodbye 2021 and Welcome 2022! #ThankYou


Hey guys!

Today I just come here to thank you and share with you our goals achieved with the blog in this first year. We (Bruno and I) started this blog in February 2021, more precisely on 11/02/2021. Our idea was to share our knowledge and experience, help other people, learn and evolve as professionals. Honestly, we are very happy with our results and even more with our knowledge evolution, throughout the year we received several feedbacks and we were really happy with the idea of having helped some people and maybe many others around the world. Of course we need to say that it is daring to create a blog in a language that is not our native language, and this was and is a great challenge for us, but we believe that the message has been delivered and we hope that in 2022 we can make everything even better , always aiming to evolve.

Blog Statistics

As a bloggers focusing on Microsoft cloud computing and Cisco collaboration, it is always fun and challenging. The traffic to our blog grew significantly as it’s first year. In almost 1 year, this blog hits over 15 thousand views with 40 blog posts.


This blog was viewed as follows:

Monthly Average Views: 1.437

Most Visited Month: September

Most Visited day: September 13th

Most popular Blog Post: Cisco Finesse – Disconnection Problems

Most Popular day: Tuesday (21% of views)

Most Popular hour: 3:00 pm (7% of views)

Blog Followers: 21 (A huge Thank you!)


Comparing the first post with only 2 views (Bruno and I lol), with the most viewed post so far with 2,111 views.


Where did the readers come from? TOP 10 Referrers


Where did the readers come from? TOP 10 Countries


As I said before, a hell of a year of growth and evolution for this humble blog.

We can’t wait for 2022, which will come with interesting personal and professional challenges.

And in closing, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year, thanks to all readers and followers. May you all have a healthy, successful and outstanding New Year!

Thanks you for reading, see you in 2022!

You are welcome to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below

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